Welcome to Lions SAS club

Does your family have children who attend a French school?

If so, The Lions Club SAS is the perfect choice for you.

Specialized in French Immersion since 2001, the Lions Club SAS offers activity sessions to youth and adults during the fall, winter and spring. The club also offers a francophone day camp during the summer for students from 4 to 11 years old. You will be immersed in a dynamic French immersion filled with activities and discoveries.

What are the benefits we offer to youth and adults?

  • Access to great sites
  • Improve your knowledge in French
  • Live motivating, educational and interesting experiences
  • Enrich your sense of belonging to the Francophone culture
  • Enjoy a professional environment
  • Get coaching from our talented young Francophones as well as qualified adults
  • Discover new skills
  • Access to a reassuring and safe environment where pleasure and the development of the bonds of friendship are omnipresent

At Lions Sports, Arts and Science, we facilitate learning of all essential programs that will help personnal acomplishments and social skills. Our activities are focused in, openess to different world cultures; Performance; Physical exercises; Artistic development in dance and Visual Arts; Exploring scientific concepts connected to our 5 senses; To chemestry, forces and structures.



Current Session

2019-2020 Sessions

Swim and Dive: 

Fall 2019 - October 18th - December 14th

Winter 2020 - January 10th - March 7th 

Spring 2020 - March 27th - May 31rst - Replaced with online COVID-19 support

Baskteball and Volleyball: 

Fall 2019 - October 17th - December 16th

Winter 2020 - January 13th - March 12th 

Spring 2020 - March 23th - May 31rst - Replaced with online COVID-19 support

Summer Camp


Our programming is based on the pleasure of being active and engaged in an environment whose backdrop is tinged with Francophone and Christian values.

Our instructors and theirs assistants are distinguished by their personality, personal qualities, reliability and unique skills. Your children are safe and in good hands at all times.

2020 Schedule:

July 13-17th                 July 20-24th                    July 27-31rst

August 3-7th                August 10-14th                August 17-21rst 

Summer Camps


Lions SAS Club

Upcoming Sessions and camps

 Swimming & Diving - March 27th - June 6th - CANCELLED

Volleyball & Basketball - March 23th - June 4th - CANCELLED

Month of May - Support during COVID-19

Summer Camp - July 13th - August 21rst


Mme Edwidge Pierre
Mobile: 519 854-3838
Email: lionsasclub@gmail.com

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