I am Edwidge Pierre and I have been teaching for over 26 years. Aware of the challenges that children learning French are facing in school in our minority community, I set up the "Lions Sports, Arts and Science Club."

The objective: to allow students who attend French schools and French immersion who have little opportunity to continue to express themselves in French outside their school to continue their linguistic, athletic, artistic and academic progression in French through dynamic programming.

For 17 years now, our day camp has taken place in a family environment that promotes Francophone and Christian values. Also, the club's activities are being offered at various schools around London.



The club offers a very diversified range of activities within a motivating and harmonious daily program, which stimulates the body, the head and the spirit at the same time! Academic support in French in oral communication and reading.


“ I'm glad a friend referred me to the Lions Club SAS. The instructors are dynamic and know how to catch the children's attention. In addition, all activities are conducted in French, which allows my son to perfect his language skills.
I enrolled my son in swimming to allow him to develop his level of confidence and motor skills. Most importantly, he enjoys himself and is excited about swimming.
I recommend to any parent the Lions Club SAS am very satisfied. "

“ We love your summer camp and generally everything you do for Nicholas. He responds very well to your leadership and the way you teach.
We look forward to your camp next summer. As parents, we appreciate the quality of the teaching you provide. Nicholas loves the outings and delicious meals. "

"My children have progressed at an incredible rate by swimming and diving under the watchful eye and encouragement of their coaches. They have always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, dedication and excellence.
I can truly say that I am confident that the level of education at Lions SAS is far superior to that of other swimming programs offered in the city. My kids get competitive level coaching in a very intimate group.
My children have not only progressed as swimmers and divers at Lions SAS, they have also formed wonderful friendships. I highly recommend the Lions Club SAS. "

"Lions Club SAS is more than a club, it's a school"

"My six-year-old daughter has been taking swimming classes for the past 2 years at Lions Sports Arts and Science Club. The courses are truly excellent, given in a small group setting that encourages learning in a fun environment. My daughter improved a lot and she is very happy and eager to go swimming. I recommend this club for the quality of their program and the staff commitment in the student’s progress."

"We have been part of the Lions Club for over five years now.
Our girls have participated in Lions Summer Camps where they have learned amazing life skills while having so much fun.
Also as a family we have been able to come together to Lions Club to join their swimming Lessons. The Club is very family oriented, they understand how important is to keep the family together, this is the reason At Lions Club parents can swim with their children not only in the tots and parents program but also at any other level. Lions Club gives you the opportunity to participate in a sport with your kids, have fun and grow together.
The Director and all the instructors are not only knowledgeable in what they teach but also very caring, supportive and organized staff."

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At Lions Club SAS, you will find programs of superior quality by its unique, innovative and diversified features ... come live the difference!


All participants will need to register and sign a waiver before participating. Courses are filing up quickly but for the classes with space, registration is ongoing throughout the session.

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Lions SAS Club

Upcoming Sessions and camps

 Swimming & Diving - March 27th - June 6th - CANCELLED

Volleyball & Basketball - March 23th - June 4th - CANCELLED

Month of May - Support during COVID-19

Summer Camp - July 13th - August 21rst


Mme Edwidge Pierre
Mobile: 519 854-3838
Email: lionsasclub@gmail.com

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