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The club offers a diversified range of activities in a motivating program that stimulates body, mind, and spirit.


Registrations are currently in progress. Hurry because the places are limited!

You can register directly on the website.

See you soon for a fantastic French speaking session!


Since we had to cancel our Spring session, we are currently offering online support in French to students 4 days a week.


Lions SAS Code of Conduct
As an organization with responsibilities for the growth, development and safety of dozens of young athletes, the Lion SAS Club has adopted a code of conduct that applies to everyone associated with the Club including participants, coaches, parents and volunteers.
The Lion SAS Club strives to ensure a safe environment for its members and endeavors to foster healthy relationships amongst them. For these reasons, the Club has adopted a zero-tolerance policy. The rules of the Lion SAS Club are in effect at all functions, training sessions where participants are acting as representatives of the Club.

Courtesy, good sportsmanship, co-operation with coaches and respect for the rules they set out for practices and training sessions

Respect for the needs and sensitivities of teammates and competitors;

Respect for public and private property, including gymnasium and change rooms.

No drinking or transporting of alcoholic beverages

No smoking or chewing tobacco

No illegal drugs (which if found, will be turned over to the appropriate authorities)

No sexual harassment or other discriminatory behavior

No bullying

Attend practices as required

Be on time for practices

Help set up and take down all training equipment

Leave the facility promptly at the end of each practice

Ensure children get to practices on time and ensure children leave facilities promptly

Communicate with coaches as the need arises

Ensure that children have proper equipment

Most importantly, supply your child with emotional support

A breach of a rule may result in disciplinary action up to and including a temporary suspension, or dismissal from the Club. Occasionally a coach must discipline a participant. Depending on the nature of the problem, the coach may speak privately to the individual or to the parents.
A participant may be asked to leave the court and remain on the bench for the duration of the practice (for safety reasons) or miss a practice. Infrequently, a participant may be expulsed from the Club. If an issue is not resolved by the coach to the satisfaction of all individuals involved, the issue may be referred to the next level of authority.

Lions SAS Club

Upcoming Sessions and camps

 Swimming & Diving - March 27th - June 6th - CANCELLED

Volleyball & Basketball - March 23th - June 4th - CANCELLED

Month of May - Support during COVID-19

Summer Camp - July 13th - August 21rst


Mme Edwidge Pierre
Mobile: 519 854-3838
Email: lionsasclub@gmail.com

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